Trailer for The Last Abduction

‘The Last Abduction’ is the story of Woods Ulmann, a successful author of sci-fi and fantasy novels who believes he’s been the victim of multiple alien abductions. His obsession with obtaining proof that these extraterrestrial visitations are real cause his sanity to unravel while his marriage and his career fall apart.

The film was written and directed by Frank Perrotto, a successful New York based television editor and member of the Motion Picture Editor’s Guild. Frank has edited shows for Bravo, Nickelodeon, the Discovery Channel, History Channel, VH1, MTV, Syfy, and The Travel Channel. He lives in Hoboken, New Jersey with his wife, also a producer on this film, and two children. Examples of his work and contact information are available at Frank’s Reel.

<p><a href=”″>Trailer for the Sci-fi Short Film 'The Last Abduction'</a> from <a href=””>Frank Perrotto</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

So far, ‘The Last Abduction’ will be playing Zed Fest Film Festival in North Hollywood, CA, on Saturday, November 7th, and the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY at the Wythe hotel on Sunday, November 22nd.

Zed Fest FIlm Festival 2015 Official Selection LAUREL 800x400
WillFilm Laurel


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